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Avensys Corporation is the holding company that operates Avensys Inc.  While Avensys Corporation has, over the past few years, owned other businesses centered on risk management, the performance and potential growth of Avensys Inc. has led us to focus our strategic efforts on furthering the advancement of this key subsidiary.

Avensys Inc is an innovative company which operates 2 sub-divisions, Avensys Tech and Avensys Solutions, both presenting specialized product lines and managed by a skilled and experienced management team.

Avensys Tech develops, manufactures and distributes fiber optic components worldwide. It sells its optical products and services, primarily in Asia, Europe and North America, into 3 vertical markets within the photonics industry, the telecommunications market which represents close to 75% of its sales, the growing fiber laser and sensor market.

Avensys Solutions competes in the Canadian environmental monitoring market, providing instrumentation and integrated systems capable of detecting and quantifying the presence of specific pollutants, gases, and other components in ambient air, stack emissions, waste water, natural water sources and soil. It caters to the surveillance needs of major industries as well as municipal, provincial and federal government agencies, including research centers.

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